Humidification is the key to a good quality & quantity crop and reduces pressure bruising in potato storage. It reduces shrink in both potato & carrot crops.

Humidifiers from Dayson Agricultural VentilationWeight loss or shrinkage of your product will reduce your returns by diminishing both quality and quantity. Potatoes lose weight by giving up water to the surrounding air (transpiration) and through the process of respiration.

Transpirational water loss is greater than the water loss due to respiration. This cannot be stopped, but slowed down with high humidity of at least 90%, preferably 95% RH for the duration of the storage season. This assuming the crop is healthy!

Ventilation is critical immediately following harvest, as nearly half of the total shrinkage occurs within the first week of harvest.  Shrinkage should be a top priority of any storage manager.  There are multiple ways to provide humidification, from cell-type, spinners, high pressure water or air of water nozzles. Each have their application with pros & cons.

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