The controls of your ventilation systems are your eyes and ears during the storage season.

Controls from Dayson Agricultural VentilationDayson has several options for controlling your storage, including the Gellert Agristar and the Dayson CSC-1.

Gellert Agristar

The Gellert Agristar has a 10” touch screen display with graphics for history logs, is internet-ready for remote control and email alert, with CO2 control, humidity and full season data logging. It is the state-of-the-art control panel from Gellert.

Dayson CSC1

Dayson is providing a lower cost solution with high capability. The Dayson CSC1 design is industrial PLC-based, which makes it reliable and more cost effective. We can provide a custom solution for any storage. Standard panel has a 4.3” touch screen, but 7” can be installed if desired. No more buttons to push, all controlled through touch screen. This means less wiring and maintenance. Remote control with your smart phone is possible with VNC viewer.

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