Ducts & In Floor Ventilation

The air ducts in the storage will distribute the controlled air from the plenum to the crop.

There are multiple ways to distribute air to the crop.

The most common method is above ground with heavy duty black plastic pipe, smooth inside wall & corrugated outside. Air slots are being cut every interval to the required design. It is the most cost effective way to distribute the air on initial cost. You will need to handle the ducts to put them in place and take them out when emptying your storage.

Under floor ducts can be installed in multiple ways. Black plastic pipe can be installed under the floor with air cups poured in concrete. This method will give you a smooth floor with the required openings accomplished with the air cups.

Another option is to use pre-cast floor elements with slots, which can be installed on under floor concrete runs. Another method is to install wooden planks on the under floor concrete runs. This makes cleaning of the runs easier as you can remove the wood from the opening. Other under floor options would need a clean out.

We useĀ dual-wall corrugated HDPE drainage pipe from Armtec.

pre-cast & black pipe ventilation